Kids with Tubes News

A newsletter connecting parents and caregivers of tube-fed children

Kids with Tubes News is our newsletter.  Each issue addresses a topic of interest to the tube-fed community.   Contributions from both professionals and parents are included. 

Electronic versions of these newsletters can be downloaded below. The downloaded PDF files can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader.   To obtain your free copy of Adobe Reader, go to


The Decision to Place a Feeding Tube

Includes articles from a gastroenterologist, speech pathologist and dietitian describing the factors to be considered.   Five families share their stories and describe how they decided on placing a feeding tube in their child.  A glossary of commonly used terms is also included in language easily understood by non-professionals.


Daily Life with a Tube-fed Child

Includes a collection of thoughts and ideas from parents on a wide range of daily concerns including managing the tube, social issues, reflux, travel, and school.  Articles  on coping with granulation tissue, working with an insurance case manager, and obtaining home healthcare supplies are a few of the professional contributions in this issue.


Therapies for the Tube-fed Child

The therapies covered within this issue include Sensory Integration, Oral Motor/Oral Sensory, Speech and Language, Physical Therapy, and Group and Individual Feeding.  Coupled with several articles are contributions from families describing how they have benefited from the given therapy and, where appropriate, how they have incorporated it into their home routine.


Nutrition for the Tube-fed Child

This issue includes a variety of articles covering basic nutrition, fluid requirements, and considerations for selecting formula for tube feedings.  Also in this newsletter is an article promoting water for overall health and a discussion of food allergies.  And, there is practical guidance on homemade formula and calorie enhancers.