Kids with Tubes is not currently active as a support group beyond what is offered by this website.  The existing newsletters serve as an excellent resource, so we encourage you to look there for support.


Until 2007, it was an organization run by parents offering a variety of support services for parents and caregivers of tube-fed children.  Its mission was to provide forums for the sharing of information and mutual support.  We aimed to bring together families whose children have feeding tubes (NG-, G-, GJ-, J- and/or NJ-tubes) without regard to the children's underlying diagnoses.  In addition, Quarterly Seminars and the group's newsletter, Kids with Tubes News, provided an opportunity for professionals who are in the field of caring for tube-fed children to gain not only important information but also an appreciation for parent perspectives on the issues involved.

Kids with Tubes served a population of families whose children have a wide variety of medical diagnoses.  Some of these children will outgrow the need for a tube, while others will be tube-fed for life.  Kids with Tubes aimed to support caregivers of all these children through educational programs and social interactions.




Kids with Tubes was founded by a group of parents in November, 1997.  Its first event was a conference which addressed certain key topics of interest to those who care for tube-fed children.  In response to the overwhelming expression of interest by both parents and professionals, Kids with Tubes has continued to evolve since that time.


Our Shared Principles


· Each child with a feeding tube is unique - what works for one child and family may not work for another.

· Always check with your child’s doctor(s) and/or therapist(s) before using any information presented on this website for your child’s treatment or care.

· All personal information that is learned through any Kids with Tubes forum is to be treated with complete respect and confidentiality.

· Some children will outgrow the need for a feeding tube, others will have a tube for their lifetime; we seek to support all parents and caregivers of tube-fed children, whatever their experience will be.

Kids with Tubes

support for parents and caregivers of tube-fed children